Best Neighborhoods in Elkhorn NE


Elkhorn is a small suburb towards the western part of Omaha Nebraska. It is home to more than 20,000 residents and is named after The Elkhorn River. If you take a look at the History of Elkhorn, NE states you’ll find that Elkhorn was recognized as a city in Douglas County until its annexation by Omaha in 2007. 

There are plenty of intimate and impressive neighborhoods within Elkhorn. We will have a look at some of the best ones.

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Fire Ridge


The first neighborhood that is worth mentioning is Fire Ridge. A custom-built area, it is situated inside the boundary of 192nd and 204th streets, between Pacific and Dodge Street. The fact that Fire Ridge is located close to the latter is a huge advantage for its residents.


It is only half an hour away from the downtown area of Omaha, which makes it an attractive proposition in Elkhorn. Also, Fire Ridge Elementary School, which counts as a part of the Elkhorn School District, is a stone’s throw from the neighborhood.


Moreover, inhabitants of the neighborhood can acquire membership of the area’s community clubhouse, which consists of a fitness center, swimming pool and tennis courts as well.


Last but not least, Fire Ridge also has vast spaces, which can be used for cycling, walking and enjoying picnics with your family.


The Ridges


Next, we have The Ridges, which is one of the affluent neighborhoods of Elkhorn. The luxurious area is found between 180th and 196th streets, in the midst of Center and Pacific Streets. An advantage of living in The Ridges is that it is located in the heart of Elkhorn Nebraska.


This means that there is a wealth of venues and attractions that are easily accessible for those living in the neighborhood. For instance, there are various markets, local restaurants and franchises in the area. One of these is Jones Brothers Cupcakes, which can be found across 180th street.


On the whole, the custom properties in The Ridges are available in all kinds of designs, sizes and of course, prices.


Skyline Ranches


Another neighborhood worth a mention is called Skyline Ranches. This is an area that really stands out from others in Elkhorn NE.


When its development began in the 60’s, its founder, Slim Thornton wished to create an environment that mirrored the country side. This is precisely why Skyline Ranches is brimming with open trails and wide open spaces, where residents can participate in all sorts of activities such as horse riding, etc.


In addition, these trails can be traced back to every household in Skyline Ranches. All in all, residents have access to more than one hundred and fifty acres of land. The reason it is dubbed Skyline Ranches is because the vast majority of real estate in the neighborhood is of ranch style.


The Prairies


The fourth and final neighborhood of Elkhorn that we will look at is called The Prairies. It offers extensive spaces laden with trails, streets brimming with greenery as well as a community center and a local swimming pool.


It is located in the southwest part of Omaha along Skyline Drive. This means there is instant access to Pacific and Dodge Streets, which is where plenty of restaurants and shopping outlets can be found.