Facts about Zorinsky Lake in Omaha NE


Zorinsky Lake in Omaha is a vast expanse that covers over a whopping 250 acres of land. To learn more about it, read on.

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Facts about Lake Zorinsky


If you visit Zorinsky Lake, you can enjoy a number of leisure activities. This is because it includes playgrounds, baseball diamonds and football fields. That’s not all though. You can also go for a hike and enjoy a bicycle ride. Of course, you can even go fishing when you are at the lake.


An interesting fact about Zorinsky Lake in Omaha is that it is home to one of the remaining native tall grass prairies in the eastern Nebraska region. Known as Bauermeister Prairie, it is named after Fred Bauermeister who was a landowner once upon a time. This prairie hosts a wide variety of fowls, natural vegetation and wildlife.


Lake Zorinsky Activities


We have list down the number of fun things you can do when you visit Zorinsky Lake in Omaha. The number one activity is boating. The fishing pier at the lake is easily accessible and can be found near the dam.


Speaking of boating, you can also take part in some fishing. Since the lake is 255 acres to be precise, there is ample opportunity to fish. In certain areas, the maximum depth is 30 feet, which is another reason for Omaha residents and tourists to visit the lake.


Hiking is another way to spend quality time with your family and friends at Zorinsky Lake. It consists of asphalt trails that are ideal for not just hiking, but going for a bicycle ride too.


If you are not really interested in any of the aforementioned activities, then you can try horseback riding. The lake is equestrian friendly and avid horse riders can enjoy the outdoors while riding their horses. The trails found in the lake are horse friendly too.


Furthermore, if you want to relax with your family and not move about, then you can have a picnic at the lake. Zorinsky Lake boasts seven impressive picnic shelters that can be reserved by the Omaha Parks Department. If you are unable to do so, these spots are also available on a first come, first basis.


For those seeking a greater sense of adventure can spend the day engaging in some water sports also. As long as you do this responsibly, there is plenty of enjoyment.


Once the season changes and move towards winters, there are a host of different activities that you can take part in. For instance, visitors can go for sledding, ice skating, ice fishing and skiing as well.


Omaha, Nebraska experiences interesting weather throughout the year – dry winters are followed by an onset of blossoming plants. Even the summers are humid and there is plenty of rainfall.


Therefore, if you live in Omaha or are a tourist, you must visit Zorinsky Lake. There is plenty to do at the lake with your loved ones!


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