A Brief Intro to Pet Friendly Lawn Care

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Lawn Care Safe for the Environment and Your Pets

When pursuing a lush green, vibrant, and weed free lawn, it is normal to be concerned about the safety and health of your pets and loved ones being exposed to sometimes harmful chemicals. We get it, pets are part of the family too and your choice of a professional lawn care provider is a very important decision. We are pet owners as well and are always on the search for new pet friendly products to integrate into our eco-friendly lawn care programs and services. The good news for all of us pet owners is we no-longer need to sacrifice a beautiful lawn to keep our pets and loved ones safe.

At EcoScapes, we have many pet friendly options available for controlling broad leaf weeds and most of the fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides that we apply are not hazardous to pets or humans. There is however, no reasonable Organic solution for pre-emergent other than the very costly and messy corn gluten. We have developed a reduced chemical hybrid pre-emergent, so it gets the job done with less chemicals, less mess, and less money. These hybrid products are 100% safe after the product has been watered in and had time to dry.

How Long Should We Stay Off the Lawn?

We recommend that children and pets wait until these hybrid pre-emergent applications have been watered in and had time to dry before excessive contact. Don’t worry, it is perfectly safe for your puppies to go potty. We just recommend they don’t spend much time in the lawn before watering. If you can water in the application right away, then everyone is safe to enjoy the yard again after only a few hours. Our lawn care technicians always provide written application specifics and any special instructions if they apply following every application. They will notate the date and time of the treatment as well so if you’re not home you will know exactly when they were there.

Some statistics show that 65% of pet poisonings from lawn fertilizers could have been avoided if the owner had followed the instructions for both application and storage. Hiring a professional eco-friendly lawn care service and following the directions given will eliminate these risks.

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An Eco-friendly Lawn Care Approach

At EcoScapes, we take an eco-friendly approach to effective pest, insect, and weed control. This eliminates harmful effects on pets, humans, wildlife and the environment. Our focus is to thicken and green your lawn by building it from the soil up. We start with a soil sample which will tell us exactly what it needs. We are then able to deliver the correct nutrients and elements which will naturally reduce weeds and disease. Starting with soil health and getting it in balance means less products are needed to maintain a healthy, weed free lawn. Our “Green” professionals are licensed by the State of Nebraska and individually trained in best practices. Being licensed by the state ensures you that they have studied and been tested on the application of products safely and in recommended amounts, but this test is geared towards the application of chemical based products. Therefore, each of our technicians complete our in-house training on eco-friendly best practices as well as learn the core principles of eco-friendly lawn care.

Who Can I Contact to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about our eco-friendly lawn care solutions or would simply like to discuss the options available, you can reach us at (402) 671-0453.