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Beautiful lawns do not sprout on their own. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make grass green, healthy and weed-free. Fertilizing, watering, and checking for bug infestations are just some of the things required for efficient lawn maintenance. If you do not have the time, desire, or physical ability to care for your lawn, put EcoScapes Lawn Care to work. Our team has the experience and skill necessary to give your lawn the attention to detail it requires.


Whether it is for your backyard barbecue with family and friends, or that eye-catching lawn for your business, we have perfected our lawn care programs that will give you the beautiful lawn and landscape you have always desired. From weekly lawn mowing, fertilization and weed control, and aerating, to complete landscape maintenance and seasonal clean-ups. We provides a full variety of lawn care services designed to fit your needs.


Dedication and a love for what we do is one of the many things that sets us apart from the rest. This combined with our friendly, trained, and licensed “Green” professionals allows us to provide our residential and commercial clients the best lawn services in Nebraska.


To learn more about the services we offer simply choose the service you are interested in below. If you need immediate assistance call our office and one of our customer service team members will be happy to help you.


We would love to work with you to create a lawn that is safe, beautiful, and that you’ll love for years to come. Give us a call today!

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

One simple solution for all of your lawn care and maintenance needs.

Locally owned and operated company with strong values.

Uniformed, trained and certified “Green” professionals.

Free Service Calls

All of our services are backed by our Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee.

We are committed to making your lawn beautiful and your landscapes spectacular while decreasing chemical contamination and the wasting of natural resources

Lawn Fertilization Service in Omaha NE by EcoScapes

Lawn Fertilizing in Omaha, NE

Lawn Fertilizing in Elkhorn, NE

Lawn Fertilizing in Gretna, NE

Lawn Fertilizing in Bennington, NE

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control


Our eco-friendly lawn care solutions help create the beautiful “Green” outdoor space you’ll love with healthy soil and grass roots for yards you can enjoy all season. 


Featuring our eco-friendly 6 Step Lawn Care Program developed specifically for our local Nebraska weather, soil, and turf types. Everything your lawn needs to thrive in the Midwest.


We are proud to be Elkhorn’s leading lawn care experts. Our 6 Step Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control program provides just the right nutrients at the right time to assure your lawn is always healthy and thriving. We also offer a complete suite of services for all types of lawn-related issues, from spotty growth, insect and disease control to fungus control and poor soil health. 

Lawn Mowing Service


Our lawn maintenance service includes weekly lawn mowing, trimming, and edging. Intended to not only keep your property polished and groomed at all times but to also provide it with what it needs to flourish. 


Our All Electric Premium Lawn Maintenance Program is available upon request. Only electric, residential equipment is used with this program. No big commercial mowers or gas powered equipment..


At EcoScapes Lawn Care, our professionalism, top quality equipment, and the extra attention we give to each property sets us apart as the finest lawn service in Omaha.

Lawn Mowing Services in Omaha Nebraska by EcoScapes

Lawn Mowing in Omaha, NE

Lawn Mowing in Elkhorn, NE

Lawn Mowing in Gretna, NE

Lawn Mowing in Bennington, NE

Lawn Aeration being performed in Omaha, NE by EcoScapes

Lawn Aeration & Overseed


Aeration is important to maintaining a healthy lawn. Next to fertilizing your turf on a regular basis, lawn aeration is the most beneficial thing you can do to improve the health of your lawn. For many homeowners, aerating lawns to relieve soil compaction and enhance grass growth is a regular annual task. Almost every lawn in Nebraska can benefit from aeration when it’s timed well and done properly.

Lawn Aeration in Omaha, NE

Lawn Aeration in Elkhorn, NE

Lawn Aeration in Gretna, NE

Lawn Aeration in Bennington, NE

Lawn Dethatching Service


Having an excessive amount of thatch on your lawn is detrimental to its health. To ensure your turf remains in the best condition, professional lawn dethatching is a must. Our company offers affordable dethatching services for both residential and commercial properties. We have the expertise and specialized tools necessary to get rid of the thatch buildup and promote healthy growth of your grass. Dethatching is essential for keeping a healthy lawn.

Lawn Dethatching in Omaha, NE

Lawn Dethatching in Elkhorn, NE

Lawn Dethatching in Gretna, NE

Lawn Dethatching in Bennington, NE

lawn dethatching service near me
Fall cleanup in Omaha by EcoScapes

Spring & Fall Cleanups in Omaha, NE

Spring & Fall Cleanups in Elkhorn, NE

Spring & Fall Cleanups in Gretna, NE

Spring & Fall Cleanups in Bennington, NE

Spring & Fall Clean Ups


Spring Clean Up – We’ll get everything cleaned up and looking immaculate. Not only do we want to clean things up for appearance but we also want to get any debris off the grass and landscape areas to provide the vital ingredients they need.


Fall Clean Up – We fully believe in mulching leaves because of the organic value added to the soil, but there are many times there are just too many to mulch. We’ll remove the excess leaves and debris from your property and mulch just the right amount to provide additional nutrients for the dormant months ahead. All leaves and debris are removed from hard surface areas and landscaped areas as well.

EcoScapes Landscape Maintenance Services in Omaha Nebraska

Landscape Maintenance


From pruning, trimming, and weeding to annual planting, bed refinement and ground cover such as mulch and rock, we keep your landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive.


Our uniformed “Green” Professionals set the standard each and every day in plant care, weed control, pruning, organic soil amendments and fertilizer, and so much more.

Landscape Maintenance in Omaha, NE

Landscape Maintenance in Elkhorn, NE

Landscape Maintenance in Gretna, NE

Landscape Maintenance in Bennington, NE

What Our Customers Are Saying

EcoScapes 5 Star Lawn Care Reviews
EcoScapes 5 Star Lawn Care Reviews
EcoScapes 5 Star Lawn Care Reviews

Looking for the Best Lawn Care Services in Nebraska?


If you’ve been looking for the best local lawn care services to take care of your lawn, then you have found it. EcoScapes Lawn Care is Nebraska’s #1 lawn service providing lawn care in Omaha, Bennington, Elkhorn, and Gretna.


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