Why Hire a Pet Friendly Lawn Care Service

Advantages To Hiring A Pet Friendly Lawn Care Service

Your pets are extended members of your family. You love them and treat them as special as you can. You buy special food, toys, treats, beds, and more to help care for them. However, have you ever considered your Omaha lawn care service? Do you know if it is pet-friendly or are you risking the safety of your precious four-legged family members? 

Hiring an eco-friendly lawn care company in Omaha is easier than you might think. Here at EcoScapes, we provide a variety of lawn care services to help you keep your yard beautiful while protecting your pets. Your lawn is one of the first impressions people have of your home. It is important that it is inviting, appealing, and vibrant. That is exactly what our company provides. However, you also want to make sure that you have a pet-friendly service. Check out below the different advantages to hiring an eco-friendly lawn care service.

Pet Friendly Products

The type of products applied to your lawn can make a huge difference in its appearance. However, it can also be dangerous to your pets. That is why it is important that the lawn care service you go with applies products safely that are not a danger to your animals. Dogs have their faces to the ground when they are outside and it’s important that they do not breathe in toxic chemicals. You also don’t want them eating the grass or digging in the soil that may cause them to have an adverse reaction to the treatment used. 

Protection For Your Pets

Using a eco-friendly lawn service can provide your lawn with protection for your animals. Ticks and fleas wreak havoc on your pets. They can cause adverse reactions such as skin conditions with your pets, irritation, and can even come into your home and harm your family. Working with a lawn care service allows you the extra added protection of having your lawn treated on a regular basis. This treatment is safe for your pets and keeps the pests away. Having a flea infestation in your home is daunting to get rid of. That is why it is critical that you take advantage of services provided to you by your lawn care company to reduce the risk of your pets bringing in uninvited guests.

Controlling Ants

Ants may not bother your pet but they are a real pest to you. You most likely enjoy outdoor time with your pets. Having ant beds that are crouching in wait can put a damper on your fun. By having your yard treated, you can reduce the risk of stinging ant bites that could cause allergic reactions. It can also help reduce other types of pests in the yard that can reduce your outdoor time. 

How Do You Choose A Company?

First you need to do some research. You want to ask questions of your potential Omaha lawn care companies. Be sure you check into the chemicals they use, ask about their methods for treating your yard, and make sure that you check previous client reviews. This helps you to know what you’re getting into. 


Here in Omaha we have been working with clients just like you for years. We work to make sure your yard is in pristine condition at all times. This gives you a lush and vibrant front and back yard no matter what season there is. We are pet owners ourselves so we ensure that your lawn is taken care of and so are your pets. Here are a few services we provide to help you make sure you have the best lawn possible. 

Core Aeration

This service helps to keep your lawn fresh and vibrant. This service is where we take out plugs from your yard to give it more room to grow. The process is actually needed here in Omaha to help the lawn grow green and vibrant. It is important as it allows the yard to release gases, control buildup of thatch, and reduces water runoff. 

Disease Control

Our pet-friendly lawn treatments allow you to reduce or treat disease in your yard. Lawn disease can cause dead grass and damage the look of your entire property. Our team can diagnose the disease and treat it while protecting your pets in the process. 

Tips For During Treatment

While our chemicals do not affect your pets, there are other tips to keep in mind when having your lawn treated. Be sure to keep your pets inside during the treatment of your lawn. Our chemicals will not hurt them but we do not want to take a chance during spray if they may have an allergy or sensitivity. 

Keep fences and gates locked when the pets may be in the yard. It is important that they are protected at all times during the treatment. Also, make sure that your pet food bowls and water bowls are taken up as well. Treatments can have overspray and you want to ensure that the bowls are protected from any chemicals.

Our team also makes sure to talk with you before we arrive about any pets that you have on the grounds. We want to ensure your family members are safe and that you get the best and most out of your lawn service. 

Choosing an eco-friendly lawn service is easy to do when you work with EcoScapes here in Omaha. Our company has experience in all facets of treating your lawn for pests, disease, and to help it grow vibrant and healthy.You can trust that our team is here to help you get the type of lawn you want while protecting your pets in the process.

Contact our team today and inquire about the pet-friendly services we offer. We treat your family members like our own. Whether you have a diseased yard, need help with maintaining your lawn, or need landscaping, our company is here to help you. Contact us today to get your appointment set for growing a healthy lawn in the beautiful Omaha community.