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Gretna Lawn Care & Mowing Services


Welcome to EcoScapes – Gretna’s premier eco-friendly lawn care service. We provide a wide range of lawn services to residential and commercial customers throughout Gretna and the surrounding areas including our 6 Step Lawn Care Program, weekly lawn mowing, lawn aeration, overseeding, spring and fall clean ups, perimeter pest control and landscape maintenance.


At EcoScapes, we are committed to making your lawn beautiful and landscapes spectacular. Our long list of satisfied customers speaks volumes about our expertise, professionalism, and dedication to creating beautiful, lush green, weed free lawns. When you choose EcoScapes as your Gretna lawn care provider, you can rest easy knowing that you are selecting one of the most trusted lawn care companies in Nebraska.


Our 6 Step Lawn Care Program consists of bio-nutrients, targeted pre- and post-emergent weed control applications, and strategic fertilization, using products that are custom formulated specifically for Nebraska’s unique weather conditions. By timing our applications strategically throughout the year, your lawn will continue to look picturesque during the growing season.


You won’t need to worry about the safety of your children or pets after a lawn treatment because we make every effort to reduce the amount of pesticides and other harmful chemicals used on your lawn. We are proud to have developed a way of producing healthy, hardy lawns without putting your family’s health, or the environment, at risk.


Our goal here at EcoScapes is to establish a personal relationship with each of our clients so that we can better serve their lawn care and landscape needs. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, provide a free estimate, or to just discuss your lawn & landscape needs.

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    EcoScapes 5 star lawn care reviews
    EcoScapes 5 star lawn care reviews
    EcoScapes 5 star lawn care reviews

    What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

    One simple solution for all of your lawn care and maintenance needs.

    Local owned and operated company with strong values.

    Uniformed, trained and certified “Green” professionals.

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    All of our services are backed by our Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee.

    We are dedicated to delivering an environmentally friendlier service to help keep you and your loved ones safe from harmful chemicals while decreasing chemical contamination and the wasting of natural resources.

    Looking for the Best Lawn Care & Mowing Service in Gretna?


    If you’ve been looking for the best Gretna lawn care and mowing service to take care of your lawn, then you have found it. EcoScapes is Gretna’s #1 eco-friendly lawn service.


    EcoScapes … Creating “Greener” Outdoor Spaces!

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    History of Gretna, NE

    Located in Sarpy County, Gretna is a bustling community on the outskirts of Omaha.


    How it Began

    Gretna Ne was originally founded in the year 1886 when it was purchased for $560 from the Lincoln Land Company. The city of Gretna was officially Incorporated in 1889.  In its earliest years, Gretna was an 80-acre plot of land constructed along the Burlington Northern Railroad rails. The Burlington Railroad was extremely important at the time because it made a connection between the city of Omaha and Ashland Nebraska. Prior to Burlington Northern, Forest City had been the local trading post and had existed since 1856. It was a busy and flourishing town up to this point but came to an end due to the railroad. What essentially happened is the residents of Forest City moved to this newly developed area closer to the railroad. This basically moved the town of Forest City to Gretna.


    Origin of the Name

    Gretna’s name was initially inspired from Scotland’s Gretna Green. This is because most of the early settlers of the community came from the Scotland and had Scottish ancestry. The name of the community was officially announced as Gretna on the 10th of July 1889.


    Geographic Location

    Gretna Nebraska is located on Hwy 6 and is approximately 30 minutes from downtown Omaha and a 40-mile drive to Lincoln. The Elkhorn River and Platte River are only a few miles away from the city which gives the residents of Gretna an easy escape from their daily routines. Kayoing, tubing, and fishing are some of the activity’s residents enjoy.


    Modern Day Gretna

    In present day, Gretna is quite large compared to its humble beginnings and has been growing rapidly since 2000. Gretna has seen many improvements and developments since that time and literally has the best of both worlds to offer residents. It has the benefits of small town living with a major metropolitan only a few minutes away.