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EcoScapes is Elkhorn’s #1 full service eco-friendly lawn and landscaping company. Fully licensed and insured, we provide professional “Green” services to commercial and residential customers throughout Elkhorn, NE. A complete menu of services is available from lawn maintenance (mowing and trimming), to landscaping and landscape maintenance.


And don’t forget our pet friendly Lawn Care Program designed specifically for Nebraska’s harsh climate changes, plants, and grasses.


As a local, family owned and operated small business, EcoScapes is committed to providing a safer, greener service.


Have a look around and if you don’t see a specific service that you’re looking for, give us a call at (402) 671-0453 or send us a message via our Contact Form.


Experience the Difference!

Lawn Care

EcoScapes safer lawn care solutions help create the beautiful outdoor space you love with healthy soil and grass roots for yards you can enjoy all season.


Lawn Care Services we offer to residential and commercial customers in Elkhorn include:


Our Elkhorn Lawn Care Program


We’ve developed a proven treatment program for rehabilitating chemically treated lawns. We start with a lawn analysis which lets us know the condition of your yard as well as what is needed for the grass to thrive. We then begin weaning the turf off the chemicals it has become dependent upon and detox the soil from pesticides and chemical based fertilizers.


Once detoxed, we can begin treating the soil with the exact nutrients needed to feed the grass and build a beautiful, safe and resilient turf. We can effectively create lush, green lawns while reducing the use of harmful chemicals. Just as chemicals are toxic to humans and animals, they also destroy soils ability to absorb vital nutrients and cover up potential underlying problems.


Our “Green” professionals are licensed and trained in using the safest and most effective product applications available.


Core Aeration & Over Seeding in Elkhorn


Aeration is important to maintaining a healthy lawn.  Aerating involves removing 2-3 inch deep plugs from the soil which provides many benefits to the overall health of your grass roots.  Next to having us treat your lawn on a regular basis, aeration is the most beneficial thing you can do to improve the health of your yard.


Over-seeding right after aeration gives the best seed to soil contact, helps hold the seed in place, and helps to provide a damp environment for the seed to germinate. We recommend aerating and overseeding in late summer, early fall for best possible results!


Additional Services


De-thatching / Power Rake


“De-thatching” or Power Raking lawns refers to the removal of the layer of dead turf grass tissue known as “thatch” from the grass. 


Insect & Disease Control


At EcoScapes, we are licensed by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture for lawn treatments and outdoor pesticide applications. We have the experience and knowledge needed to identify issues and treat them accordingly with our eco-friendly products.


Drill / Slit Seeding 


Drill seeding is a process that uses a machine to cut grooves in the soil and place a measured amount of seed in that groove.  Excellent germination rates are achieved because the seed is placed down in soil at the proper depth. Of course overall germination rate is heavily dependent on proper watering.

Lawn Maintenance

Ongoing lawn maintenance is vital to the health and appearance of your yard. At EcoScapes, we provide maintenance services for your lawn from Spring through Summer and into fall and winter. Our lawn maintenance services are intended to keep your yard groomed and healthy at all times.


We service both residential and commercial properties throughout Elkhorn. Providing the highest standard of excellence is of the utmost importance to our company, which is why you can expect friendly, trained, and knowledgeable “Green” professionals to service your property.


We have limited spots available in our schedule so give us a call today to assure your lawn is being serviced by Elkhorn’s finest. 


Some of our lawn maintenance services include:


Lawn Mowing in Elkhorn


Proper mowing is critical for grass to thrive. Turf areas are mowed weekly, usually beginning in April and lasting until the end of October, with three additional “cleanup” mowing’s in November.


We do not believe in bagging the clippings as it deprives the soil of additional nitrogen and nutrients available from the clippings as they decompose. Mulching your clippings provides natural fertilizer and that is the EcoScapes way of maintaining your lawn.


Additional Lawn Maintenance Services


In addition to mowing, we provide the following maintenance services as part of our basic lawn maintenance program. Compare our service to the other lawn care companies around and you’ll quickly see why we EcoScapes stands above the rest.  


Debris Removal


Prior to each mowing, we inspect and remove any debris and litter found on your property.


Trimming or “weed eating”


Trimming is performed around the perimeter of the home, road signs, trees, landscape beds, utility poles, and other obstacles, taking special care to not damage trees or landscaping. Careful attention is given to ensure all grass is trimmed at the same height as the mower cut.




All sidewalks, curbs, concrete slabs, or other hard surface areas will be edged with a professional edger as needed to maintain a neat, clean appearance. This is done approximately once per month. All edge’s are otherwise cleaned up weekly using a string trimmer.


Clean /Blow off Hard Surfaces


At the conclusion of each visit, all walks, driveways and other hard surfaces are swept or blown clean leaving your property clean and well manicured.

Seasonal Services

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall… each season brings a new set of challenges and opportunities when caring for your lawn.  


With the drastic seasonal changes Nebraska lawns incur throughout the year, delivering the right service at the right time is key to the health and appearance of your yard. Whatever the season, Spring thru Fall, EcoScapes has the experience and knowledge to ensure your lawn is healthy, green, and safe.


Spring Lawn & Landscaping Services in Elkhorn


  • Spring Clean Up – We’ll get everything cleaned up and looking immaculate. Not only do we want to clean things up for appearance but we also want to get any debris off the grass and landscape areas to provide the vital ingredients they need such as sunlight and oxygen.


  • Dethatching – Now is the best time to have your lawn power raked to remove all of that dead thatch that is depriving your lawn of oxygen, sun light, and nutrients.


  • Irrigation System Start Up – We’ll get your irrigation system turned on and adjusted so that it’s only watering what needs to be watered. No more watering the driveway and street.


  • Landscape Bed Refinement & Mulch Redressing – We redefine your landscape beds and freshen up your mulch bringing back its color. Nothing looks better than a freshly defined bed with fresh mulch!


Fall Lawn & Landscaping Services in Elkhorn


  • Fall Clean Up – Just like grass, we fully believe in mulching leaves because of the organic value added to the soil, but there are many times there are just too many to mulch. We’ll remove the excess leaves and debris from your property and mulch just the right amount to provide additional nutrients for the dormant months ahead. All leaves and debris are removed from hard surface areas and landscaped areas as well.


  • Fall is the perfect time to aerate and over seed your lawn.


  • Sprinkler System Winterization – We’ll turn off the water, drain the system, and blow out all of the lines so you don’t need to worry about it freezing and causing damage.


Environmentally friendly landscaping is the way of the future and so many of our customers are experiencing a truly green lifestyle by ensuring their lawn and landscape are as natural, self-sustaining, and chemical free as possible.


EcoScapes stands out from other landscape companies because of our acute passion for sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. And sharing the benefits and possibilities of “Green” eco-friendly landscaping with our customers is one of our greatest benefits.


Whether starting your landscape from scratch or revamping an existing, we can design, install, and maintain a landscape that is both beautiful and eco-friendly.


A Commitment to “Green” Landscaping


EcoScapes is a full-service eco-friendly lawn and landscape company with a straightforward and unique philosophy. We believe in using modern techniques that reduce waste and conserve resources. We do this to add both beauty and elegance to your home while reducing your environmental footprint to make an impact on a local scale.


Our team is comprised of highly skilled and trained professionals who pay attention to even the smallest of details. Our “Green” experts are committed to landscaping in a way that respects the environment yet is sustainable and beautiful.


From design to installation to maintenance, EcoScapes is your #1 local Elkhorn Landscaper.

Landscape Maintenance

EcoScapes offers professional landscape maintenance services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Elkhorn area.


As a full service landscaper, EcoScapes will keep your landscaping looking pristine throughout the year. Our uniformed “Green” Professionals set the standard each and every day in plant care, weed control, pruning, organic soil amendments, fertilizer, and so much more.


From one-time services to annual contracts, we can tailor a solution for everyone.


Give us a call today or book a free consultation and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to meet and discuss what EcoScapes can do for your landscaping.


Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care


Ornamental trees, shrubs, and plants require frequent care to keep them healthy and looking their best. From pruning to insect and disease control, EcoScapes has the knowledge and experience to keep your landscaping healthy and well maintained. Services we offer:


Trimming and Pruning

Cutting Back of Perennial Grasses & Plants

Organic Fertilizers

Insect & Pest Control


Landscape Bed Maintenance


We don’t just stop at caring for your trees, shrubs, and plants. We offer an extensive line of landscape maintenance services which covers everything needed to create a landscape envied by your friends and neighbors. Here are some of our other services available individually or as part of a contract.


Preparation of Annual Beds

Bed Refinements

Mulch Top Dressing

Seasonal Color


Draining Solutions

History of Elkhorn NE


Elkhorn is located on the edge of Omaha Nebraska and has a population of a few thousand people only. Named after the Elkhorn River, it was formerly a city until its annexation by Omaha in 2005.

The origin of Elkhorn can be traced back to the 1860’s, when William Janney began building homes in the area. In 1866, the Union Pacific Railroad obtained the 40-acre tract from him and named it Elkhorn Station.

This was followed by a period of sustained growth as commercial activity began to grow in Elkhorn. Very soon, a hotel, store, salon and post office were constructed. The moniker Elkhorn was changed to Chicago and for a while it was also called Douglas before sense prevailed and it was once again known as Elkhorn.

In the second half of the 19th century, schools were developed in Elkhorn as well. The junior high school was established in 1966, the senior high school was built in 1980, while the elementary and middle schools were built later.

A Catholic Church that was initially built in 1868, was recreated in 1982. Other establishments like a Lutheran Church, a monastery for monks, a Baptist Church and a Methodist congregation were also assembled in the 20th century.

Elkhorn also boasts a fire department, which originally started in 1891. Fire hydrants were configured in 1909 and a fire barn was also constructed years later. As the population of Elkhorn NE grew, a city hall and library compound also followed.

Over the passage of a few decades, Elkhorn witnessed considerable growth. Once a rural setting, Elkhorn grew into a suburb of Omaha before it was annexed. In present day, Elkhorn is flourishing with a population in the thousands. It is also home to a variety of enterprises and establishments.

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