The Elkhorn River

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Origin of the Elkhorn River


The Elkhorn River is an important feature of the city of Omaha. For example, if you take a look at the “History of Elkhorn NE” you’ll find that the area gets its name from the Elkhorn River. The eastern sandhills of Nebraska is where the river originates from and runs from the northeast to towards north central Nebraska.


The Elkhorn River is famous for its smooth flowing and wide waterfront. The river has a deep and narrow channel which is the perfect condition for many recreational activities such as tubing and kayaking. It is also considered as one of the Platte River’s largest tributaries because it joins the Platte with Omaha. The distance is 3 miles west and 1 mile south of Gretna. The river basin is approximately 7000 square miles. The Elkhorn River itself has several tributaries that include Logan Creek, Rock Creek, North and South forks, and Maple Creek. The channel position can change with time which is why the Elkhorn River is considered a meandering river.


The Beautiful Scenery of the Elkhorn River


Nebraska Forests, Farms, and Rock Cliffs Abound


The Elkhorn River has a beauty all of its own. The scenery surrounding the river is very diverse and changeable. The river corridor flows with the hilly landforms with steep slopes and rounded ridge crests. You will also find open and wide woodlands and forests near the river. There are farmlands alongside the dense forests, and you will also find a variety of trees and plants growing alongside the Elkhorn River. The most dominating ones are the cottonwood and willow trees alongside elms, green ash, hackberry, and box elder trees. The shrubs around this area include false indigo, rough leaved dogwoods, black currant, and red osier. The Elkhorn Nebraska area wildlife is very diverse which means wildlife observers and nature lovers will have a great time there as there are many different animals residing in this forest. Deer, squirrels, opossum, fox, raccoon, coyote, shorebirds, hawks, and eagles are all found in abundance in and around this area. The river itself is also home to many aquatic animals such as turtles, catfish, and carp.


Popular Activities on the Elkhorn River


Fishing, Tubing, and Site Seeing are Among the Top Activities 


Tubers can expect to see this wildlife along with junked automobile bodies, mud bars, submerged logs, and sand bars as they take a trip down the river.


Tubers need to know that the water levels of the Elkhorn River are lower during mid July and August due to the high temperatures and low rainfall amounts. The crops are also being irrigated via the water from the river during this time of the year. Lower water levels can extend your trip time so tubers should plan accordingly. This is also the time of year that tubing may be banned or restricted in the river. The best time for tubers is from late March, early April until the middle of June. Spring can be more dangerous though as the seasonal rains can cause the river to rise and even cause flooding.


There are also many other recreational activities offered by the majestic Elkhorn River with the most popular being fishing. The river is know for its great fishing and you will find many residents spending their days off catching fish. Overall, the Elkhorn River is a great place to enjoy with the many family friendly and outdoor activities. If you live near Omaha NE and are looking for something to do, I would strongly suggest going out and enjoying all Mother Nature has to offer at the Elkhorn River.


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