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Welcome to EcoScapes lawn mowing service serving residential and commercial clients throughout the Gretna Nebraska area.


Ongoing lawn maintenance is vital to the health and appearance of your yard. We provide lawn mowing services for your lawn from Spring through Summer and into fall. Our lawn maintenance services are intended to keep your yard groomed and healthy no matter the season.


Lawn Mowing Service


Proper mowing is critical for grass to thrive. The five most important basics of mowing include:


  • Mowing at the proper height
  • Consistently change mowing direction
  • Mowing on a consistent basis
  • Keeping mower blades sharp
  • Using the appropriate size mower for your lawn


All turf areas are mowed weekly, usually beginning in April and lasting until the end of October, with three additional mowing’s in November to mulch the leaves. Did you know that pound for pound, the leaves of most trees contain twice the mineral content of manure?


Same goes for the grass clippings. Bagging the clippings deprives the soil of additional nitrogen and nutrients available from the clippings. This is natural fertilizer and the eco-friendly way of maintaining your lawn.


Additional Lawn Maintenance Services


In addition to mowing, we provide the following services as part of our basic lawn maintenance program:


Debris Removal

Prior to each mowing, we inspect and remove any debris and litter found on your property.


Trimming or “weed eating”

 Trimming is performed around the perimeter of the home, road signs, trees, landscape beds, utility poles, and other obstacles, taking special care to not damage trees or landscaping. Careful attention is given to ensure all grass is trimmed at the same height as the mower cut.



All sidewalks, curbs, concrete slabs, bed edges and any high visibility areas shall be edged with a professional edger as needed to maintain a neat, clean appearance, approximately twice per month. All edge’s are cleaned up weekly using a string trimmer.


Clean /Blow off Hard Surfaces

At the conclusion of each visit, all walks, driveways and other hard surfaces are swept or blown clean leaving your property clean and well manicured.


Providing the highest standard of excellence is of the utmost importance to our company, which is why you can expect only friendly, trained, and knowledgeable professionals to service your property. We have limited spots available in our schedule so give us a call today to assure your lawn is being serviced by Gretna’s finest lawn service.


For an even healthier lawn, be sure to view our lawn aeration and overseed service.

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EcoScapes Lawn Service in Gretna NE
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EcoScapes 5 Star Lawn Care Reviews
EcoScapes 5 Star Lawn Care Reviews
EcoScapes 5 Star Lawn Care Reviews
Lawn Service in Gretna - EcoScapes
EcoScapes Lawn Maintenance in Gretna
EcoScapes Lawn Mowing Service in Gretna
EcoScapes Lawn Care in Gretna
EcoScapes - Lawn Care Service in Gretna
EcoScapes Lawn Care Services in Gretna NE

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If you’ve been looking for the best lawn mowing service in Gretna to take care of your lawn, then you have found it. EcoScapes is Gretna’s #1 eco-friendly lawn service providing lawn care services throughout Gretna, Nebraska.


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