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How Much Does Lawn Aeration Cost in Omaha, NE

Updated 4/20/2023

So How Much Does it Cost to Have Your Lawn Aerated?

By enhancing access to air, water, and nutrients, annual lawn aeration enables grass to produce strong, healthy roots. It’s a cost-effective strategy to assure a lush, healthy lawn, with prices ranging from $60 to $100 and up with a national average of roughly $130.

  • Range in Nebraska: $60 to $100 and up
  • National Average: $130

Aerating a lawn involves removing plugs of dirt to relieve soil compaction, allowing grass roots to spread out, grow stronger, and enhance the lawn’s health. Poking holes in the lawn with spikes or spraying a liquid aerating product over the lawn are two more options for aeration. The cost of aerating is relatively reasonable, and it is one of the best things you can do to keep a healthy lawn at a low cost when compared to other lawn management charges like installing a sprinkler system or having a tree removed.

The size of the lawn is the main factor affecting the cost—a lawn service may charge a base fee in addition to a square-footage price.  Aerating a small lawn might cost as little as $60 on the low end, while aerating a large lawn may cost $300 or more.

Furthermore, the cost will vary based on the layout of the property and distance the company needs travel to reach the property. These hidden charges might increase (or decrease) the overall price.

How to Estimate the Cost of Lawn Aeration

A number of factors influence the cost of aerating a lawn, and in most situations, a representative from the company will want to inspect the site before providing a quote. You may aerate your lawn yourself by renting, purchasing, or spraying on a liquid aerator product, but for many people, it’s more cost effective to hire a professional lawn care service to do it.

  1. Consider the size of the lawn first when estimating the cost of aeration. Aeration costs roughly $0.006 to .012 per square foot on average. Multiply the square feet of your lawn by the price to obtain an estimate of how much aerating your lawn will cost.  Based on typical square foot pricing in Nebraska, if your lawn is 8,000 square feet, you can anticipate paying between $70 and $85.00.
  2. Inquire about fixed pricing. Some companies charge flat fees for standard-sized yards, which range from $65 to $95 on average, depending on the company. If the service is familiar with the location and the sizes of the yards in a particular development, a predetermined charge may frequently apply.
  3. Check to see if the business charges by the hour. Companies that bill by the hour are likely to set a minimum hourly rate, such as two hours, and then charge an hourly price after that. Whether the lawn is distinctive in some way—if it’s exceptionally steep or if there are other impediments in the way of the aeration process—a firm is more likely to charge by the hour. Hourly wages range from $50 to $85 per hour on average.
  4. You need to consider any extra services you’d want to have performed at the same time. Aeration is frequently conducted prior to overseeding a lawn, and by having both completed at the same time, you may be able to negotiate package pricing that is cheaper than if you had each service performed separately.
  5. You should also take into account travel time. A lawn care provider may have to travel from a neighboring community to individuals living in remote areas without professional lawn care, and the business may charge a trip fee.

You’ll have a fair notion of how much lawn aeration will cost once you’ve gathered all of the potential charges.

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Lawn Aeration Cost Calculation Factors

The cost of lawn aeration services varies greatly from one lawn to the next, depending on the size of your yard and where you reside. Consider the following aspects that will likely effect the ultimate cost while looking for low-cost options.


The cost of living and the current rate of labor are influencing variables in lawn care services in any region. Because the cost of living is lower in rural areas, lawn services can be much less expensive than in big metropolises. Local taxes and company fees might also change, affecting the price since those costs—known as “overhead”—are passed on to the buyer.

Size of Lawn

In general, the larger the yard, the lower the cost per square foot for aerating. Lawn service businesses frequently charge by the square foot in increments. For example, having the first 1,500 square feet of grass aerated may cost $0.02 per square foot, then $0.01 per square foot for the next 10,000 square feet. When it comes to large yards (measured in acres), the overall cost per square foot will typically be significantly lower; anticipate paying between $150 and $250 per acre for aeration.


To work effectively, aeration equipment requires a smooth, clean yard. There may be an additional service charge applied to the bill if the lawn care service needs to pick up bushels of dry leaves or take away fallen branches and debris. Learn more about preparing your yard for fall lawn aeration and overseed.


Because navigating steep slopes with a lawn aerator takes longer, expect to pay more for those areas to be aerated. If a significant portion of the lawn is sloping, lawn companies who normally charge a set cost may switch to a per-hour rate.

Method of Aeration Affects the Cost

The cost of lawn aeration also varies depending on the method used by the service provider. Core aeration, which provides the most complete advantages, is the most expensive since it necessitates the use of a machine that extracts plugs from the soil and ejects them onto the surface of the grass. This necessitates a more complicated apparatus, resulting in a larger equipment investment. Spike aerators are less expensive and work on a simpler foundation than core aerators.

Liquid Lawn Aeration

Liquid lawn aeration entails spraying an enzyme-rich solution over the grass. At ground level, the enzymes begin degrading thatch, a thick coating of dead grass that accumulates at the base of the grass blades. Thatch obstructs airflow and decreases drainage. For a modest (5000 square foot) lawn, liquid aeration can cost as low as $45, or $0.009 per square foot. Liquid aeration is less expensive since it does not require heavy machinery, but it will not relieve soil compaction as well as core aeration.

Spike Aeration

Spike aeration involves putting 4- to 5-inch spikes into the existing ground to improve drainage, but unlike core aeration, no soil is removed. It is ideal for lawns with sandy soil, which doesn’t compress as much as clay-based soils. It costs more than liquid aeration but less than core aeration on average, with prices ranging from $55 to $110 for a 10,000-square-foot lawn.

Core Aeration

Because the equipment needed to dig and remove plugs from an existing lawn is generally more expensive than spike aeration or lawn-spraying equipment, the overall cost is greater, as seen by the average price increase of 15 to 25 percent above spike aeration.

How to Cut the Cost of Lawn Aeration

How much does lawn aeration cost in Omaha, Nebraska

Having a healthy and green lawn shouldn’t break the bank—and it won’t if you keep up with lawn irrigation and upkeep. Keeping turf grass healthy is easier, and less expensive, than attempting to recover it if it’s weak or injured, so stick to a regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing plan. Annual lawn aeration is an additional cost to consider if you want to keep your grass looking green. Try these suggestions to get the most bang for your buck.

Obtain many estimates. Make it clear to the service that you’re searching for numerous estimates straight away. When a firm knows you’ll be contacting other businesses, they’ll be more inclined to give you a better price. Even if you’ve previously used the business, let them know you’re expecting their best pricing and that you’re collecting other quotes.

Make an all-inclusive offer. If a client is eager to hire them for more projects, it makes sense for businesses to reduce their rates on certain services. By negotiating an agreement with the company for continuing lawn maintenance, such as mowing, tree trimming, and overseeding, you may be able to save up to 20% or more off the normal price of lawn aeration.

Specials may be found on the company’s website. Lawn care providers are always looking for new clients, and their website is a fantastic location to look for discounts. Limited-time promotions or introductory rates are popular during holidays such as Father’s Day, Independence Day, and Memorial Day. You might be able to discover printable discounts or save money by booking a lawn care service online.