The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration in Nebraska

Looking after your lawn can be a backbreaking task as it requires maintenance throughout the year. Mowing, fertilizing and watering are just some of the things that must be performed frequently.

The vast majority of lawns in Omaha have clay-based soil underneath. They can accommodate considerable water and are fertile as well, but they can pose problems. To start, clay does not absorb water very well and becomes even less absorbent the drier it gets.

Hard, dry clay soil can lead to drainage concerns and this is one of the benefits of lawn aeration.

What is Core Aeration?

Aeration occurs when small holes are dug in the lawn using a machine called an aerator. The holes are in the shape of cylindrical cores and are generally 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches in depth.

As a result of the climate in Nebraska, lawn aeration is typically carried out in the fall season. One reason being the summers are dry which means the soil is usually dry and hard. Nebraska summers are also very stressful to your lawn, so we try to avoid adding any additional stress this time of year.

Advantages of Lawn Aeration

If you live in Nebraska, then it is recommended that you aerate your lawn annually for best results as aeration has a number of distinct benefits.

For instance, aeration enables the soil to loosen up and decreases compaction. This means the soil becomes more absorbent to both water and nutrients thus the roots can grow deeper and stronger. This is necessary because quality grass cannot germinate properly in soil that is compact and hard.

Another advantage of core aeration is that it helps reduce the amount of accumulated grass clippings commonly known as thatch. If you see an abundance of grass clippings on the surface and roots beneath it, that qualifies as thatch.

Thatch begins to crowd and smother the lawn, which is an invitation for bugs and pests to wreak havoc as they thrive when there is excessive thatching.

Furthermore, when looking after your lawn, it is important to look beyond the surface. The roots are the lifeblood of your turf and the soil is the lifeblood of the roots. Lawn aeration improves the condition of both the soil and the roots drastically. This annual process allows more air, water and nutrients to make their way to the roots and deeper into the soil.

Yet another reason why lawn aeration is highly recommended is because of the cylindrical holes the process creates. The holes are ideal for over seeding as it creates the perfect climate for seed to germinate. The seeds are held in place within the holes so they cannot runoff and moisture retention is much better. Ultimately, this results in greater germination which contributes to lush, green grass in your lawn.

Aeration is also helpful because it loosens the soil and lowers the risk of run-off. Compaction is reduced significantly which happens from the use of mowers and day to day use. When water is allowed to penetrate the soil, it helps eliminate puddling and therefore runoff.

And lastly, lawns are more resistant to drought if core aeration is executed on a consistent basis.

The benefits mentioned above make it clear why aerating your lawn is mandatory for lawns in Nebraska and why you should hire a top-rated lawn aeration service like EcoScapes to perform the task.

The cost of aerating is relatively reasonable, and it is one of the best things you can do to keep a healthy lawn at a low cost when compared to other yard management charges. Visit our How Much Does Lawn Aeration Cost in Nebraska to learn more about the cost of having your lawn aerated.