Your Spring Lawn To-Do List

How to to Set Your Lawn up for Success

It’s officially springtime and one of our favorite times of the year here at EcoScapes. We’re just starting to see the promise of new growth on trees and some tulips are peaking out of the ground. It’s also officially time to start giving your lawn lots of love to set it up for a healthy spring and summer. Here’s what should be on your spring lawn care to-do lists.

Spring Lawn Cleanup To-Do List

Tidy Up The Lawn

Grass requires plenty of sun to thrive, so anything on top of it prevents successful growth. Finish raking if you forgot to in the fall, remove tree branches that fell during winter storms, and clean up any toys left out. Now is the perfect time to consider dethatching your Nebraska lawn.

Check Your Supplies

Now is a good time to make sure your tools are in working order. Your lawnmower is quite possibly the most important tool for your yard. Use this guide to see if it is ready for spring. Then, consider this list of other essential lawn tools.

Perform a Soil Test

Is your soil ready? Test the acidity and nutrient levels to determine if the pH is correct for growing.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

  1. Plan Ahead: Once the temperature climbs into the 50’s and 60’s, it will be time to seed your lawn if you didn’t have the chance in the fall. Research what type of grass is appropriate for your yard.
  2. Fertilize: Depending on your grass type, it might be the time to apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Our 6 Step lawn fertilization program includes everything your lawn needs for a quick green up.
  3. Aerate and Overseed Bare Patches: Lawn aeration is one of the most critical services to maintaining a healthy yard. Plant grass seed as soon as the soil warms up to allow new grass time to establish itself before summer. Water lightly and frequently until the grass has become well established
  4. Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide: Now is the time to prevent weeds and crabgrass from growing in your lawn. Consider treating it with a preventative weed killer.

Call EcoScapes for Help With Your Spring Lawn Cleanup.

With our eco-friendly lawn care program, you get six applications of necessary treatments to keep your lawn healthy all year long. For more information, call us today at (402) 671-0453.