Advantages of Mulching Your Leaves in the Fall

Mulched Leaves Provide Many Benefits for Your Lawn

The fall months bring cooler temperatures, falling leaves and many beautiful colors around your landscape. Many could also associate fall with the need to clean the yard and rake the leaves, which can be a chore. However, there are alternatives that can help your lawn and landscape thrive along with eliminating the need to rake your leaves. Mulching your leaves is an eco-friendly lawn care practice and has many benefits for your lawn and the process is also easy to accomplish. Let’s go over some of the advantages to be had from mulching.

What is Mulching?

In short, mulching is the process of mincing and dicing your leaves with a lawnmower. Before you begin, make sure to even out your leaves throughout your yard to create an even surface. Be sure not to leave any thick piles of leaves because it could be too much for your mower. Also, if the piles are too thick they can suffocate your grass, even after mulching, so a thin layer is always preferable. A good rule of thumb is if your mower deck is pushing large piles of leaves in front of it, or the engine on your mower is bogging down, there are too many to mulch. If this is the case, you will need to either rake or blow some of the leaves into piles and bag them up to be removed from the property. Mulch them often and you won’t have to worry about there being too many. By mulching your leaves, you will get a healthier and better-looking lawn.

The Benefits are Plentiful

The biggest benefit from mulched leaves is that they will decompose into an organic fertilizer. This process is done by earthworms and microorganisms that turn the mulch into organic plant matter. Since winter quickly follows the fall, the mulched leaves can provide additional nutrients during the harsh months ahead. Mulched leaves can also do wonders for the soil however, you can’t let the leaves do all the work. If you don’t have healthy soil in your lawn to begin with, you may have trouble seeing the benefits of mulching your leaves.

Benefits for Your Landscape

Mulched leaves are not just for the grass. Your landscaping and garden can also reap the many benefits from mulching. Decomposing leaves provide nutrients to the soil and plants. It can also give your plants more protection from the cold months ahead. You may even notice brighter and more vibrant colors coming from your flowers next Spring. Another benefit can include moisture that comes from the rain or watering, the mulch helps to retain the moisture within for a longer time.

An Organic Process

Another advantage that comes from mulching is a better environment for everyone. Mulching your leaves, as opposed to putting them in the trash, will keep them out of landfills where the valuable nutrients are put to waste. The overall effect that comes from mulching is more plant food for your lawn and landscape without the need for additional fertilizers. Mulching is organic in every sense of the word, so take advantage of this process that will give you a gorgeous garden layout.